About Us

Hey, everyone! I want to introduce you to the MAD Fishen family and tell you how we got started. Meet Randi, my beautiful wife of 16 years; our children Myka Lynn, 14, and Luke, 12, and myself, Micah Dawson. I’m an E&I maintenance mechanic at a paper mill, and my wife runs the day-to-day operations of MAD Fishen.
I’ve always loved the outdoors—hunting, fishing, and camping. So spending every spare minute I had in the woods and on the water was the norm. When I met Randi, I knew nothing would change. She loves the outdoors more than I do! She hunts, loves to fish, and has killed a bigger deer than I have. Myka likes to hunt and fish, but her passion is rodeo. She is a barrel racing beauty queen. The one thing we always enjoy the most together is camping and fishing. Who doesn’t love to catch a mess of crappie or stick a big bass? Cooking them up at camp with some fried squash and hush puppies, maybe every now and then some fish gravy—man, that sounds good. Now that’s living!
I’ve come up with some crazy ideas since Randi and I first got together, and she never holds back in telling me how crazy something sounds or if it’ll never work. But when I came home one day and pitched The Button idea to her, she said, “I love it. Now THAT will work.” My mouth dropped—she finally agreed with me.
It all started when my son was six years old. He truly loved fishing, and we made so many trips to the lake in the cold, rain, and hot summertime. At first I was worried I’d burn him out if I wasn’t careful, but who knew I’d end up being the one getting burned out? We were in Little Coon Creek on Gilliam Lake one day, and that’s when I realized how much he loved to fish. That’s also when I decided to come up with something that would help people, make their lives easier, and be a benefit to them in the world of fishing.
I wish I could tell you I dreamed it up that day, but it wasn’t until about a month later when I noticed he had tied a piece of string on an analog counter and was wearing it fishing. He loved to keep track of the day’s catch and show me what was caught. Who doesn’t hate to count fish from one side of the live-well to the other? So in 2014, Mad Fishing LLC was established, and we’ve spent the past few years developing and fine tuning the product and its manufacturing.
Our number one goal is customer service. If something is wrong on our end, we are going to make it right, someway, somehow. We want customers who are pleased and happy with what we offer. When you reach out to MAD Fishen by phone, email, messenger, or on social media, you will be talking with me or Randi. We have a great group of folks behind us who help us make this possible. I know without a doubt that Mad Fishing LLC and my family are who we are today because of the good Lord in our lives and God putting the right people around us and in front of us all along our journey.

Thanks for checking out the MAD Fishen family!

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