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Spend more time fishing and less time counting.

Reasons you'll love The Button:

• Track 2 limits of fish! If you have over/under slot limits? Track both!

• Track what's in your live-well and your total catch!

• Track 2 limits of fish! You have over/under limits? Track both!

• Track a limit with vibrating alarm!


• Last count memory recall.

• 500+ hour battery life.

• Automatic shut off after 4 hours.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I trialled the button for the first time in May crappie fishing at the lake. We had 3 people in the boat and managed to keep and accurate count of our catch each day. No more pulling all the fish out of the live-well to recount. Works great!

Jonathan Cody Faryna

Love, love, LOVE this! Everyone should have The Button in their tackle box.

Randy & Billie Beason

Easy to use and a must have in any tackle. Float feature is definitely a plus.

Troy Stamps

Finally had a chance to use my button today! This is the first gadget I've ever used that I actually use.🙂 I think just knowing I had it give me motivation to fish harder, and at my age that's a blessing. I give this button 5 stars and do recommend.

Ronnie Ennis

You won't want to fish without it

No more counting fish from one side of the live well to the other or digging them out of your live well into a dip net trying to count them while on the water. The Button has a vibrating alarm that will let you know when you've reached your limit of fish.

You can track two species of fish, and you can track how many are going in your live well and how many you're releasing.

Want to set a limit for everyone in the boat and not have to constantly look at the counter? The Button can help! It will vibrate when the limit is reached.

Trot-liners and yo-yo fishermen love the button. They use the limit counter to track how many hooks they have set out and the main counter for the number of fish they have in possession.

The Button can be used to track two species of fish that are being thrown into the same live well! The alarm can be set to vibrate every time you bag a fish, so you know your count is accurate without ever having to look at it.

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